AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Let’s try TecoGAN, super-resolution conversion (low to high resolution)

Try to using TecoGAN(Temporally Coherent GANs) super-resolution conversion to change a image from low to high resolution
AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Let’s try DAIN-App, frame interpolation of a movie with DAIN

There seems to be a GUI application (DAIN-App) that can interpolate video frames with DAIN (Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation), so try it
AI (Artificial Intelligence)

With using GPU, how to run python of Anaconda on WSL (operation confirmation with NNabla)

It seems that GPU (CUDA + cuDNN) works by running python of Anaconda environment on WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), so try it
AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Let’s try Open-Unmix, separate sound source of music (PyTorch)

Try to using Open-Unmix(UMX) to separate sound source for each instrument part from music file (PyTorch)
AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Let’s try Deep3DFaceReconstruction, reconstruct(generate) 3D model from a face image

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